Automated Emails

How to Setup Automated Marketing Emails

Last published at: February 13th, 2020

ABOUT: Automated Emails

Our top automated feature, hands down, is Automated Marketing Emails! All you have to do is create the email template, set your target demographics, set how often the email will send, and when... Easy Peasy!

Steps to Setup Automated Email Blasts

  1. Log into your /sp_admin > Navigate to Customers Tab

  2. On the left, select the info you would like to see from the customer's profile.

  3. On the Right, select your filter. 

    • EXAMPLE: Common drop down = Who have a birthday next month 

  4. Then, click the SEARCH button at the bottom.

Once the filter is complete, then click on the AUTOMATE button in the bottom Right.

You will get a new window to setup the Automated Emails

1. Name the Email Job (EX:  Monthly Birthday)

2. Select the Email Template (You should create the template first!!!!)

3. Select how often you would like for it to send out.

4. Click Create >>> These will send out in the early morning hours :)

Job List

You can later look back at all of the automated emails you have created, or delete them by clicking on the VIEW tab.