Extract Essential Demographics about your Customers

Last published at: February 13th, 2020

ABOUT: Customers Tab

The Customers tab is where you can cull vital demographics about your customers as well as where you will initiate your e-mail marketing campaigns. If you click on the customer tab you will see on the left hand side of your screen the output options. Before I go into details, maybe we should try to understand this process in order to get a grasp of how it works. All of your customers are in a SQL Database. This function before you is simply of that database. You can choose the filters for which customers you would like to see as well as choosing what data from those customers you would like to view.

Common Filters

Let’s say you’d like to send a coupon to all your customers that haven’t visited your facility in the last 6 months, hoping to re-spark interest or remind them of your facility. For this function we are going to choose which outputs we want on the left, if you are only sending e-mail then you can skip the outputs as it is irrelevant, however we are curious today as to where everyone is coming from, so we are going to choose the First Name, Last Name, Last Visited, E-mail, and Zip Code in the output column.

With these checked you can now look to the right of the screen. This section is the filter function, this is how you will choose who you are sending e-mails or who you are searching for. There are a few predetermined functions built into the software to speed up your searching. For example, today we want to see everyone that hasn’t been here in the last 6 months, lo’ and behold, if you click on the drop down box that says “Show All Type” there is an option called “Show customers who haven’t been here for 6 months”. 

Multiple Filters

If you choose this you’ll notice that it adds the words in the box below. This is your current filter. You can build custom filters by adding these functions on top of one another by clicking the “AND” “OR”, “(“ and “)” buttons.

Let’s throw a curve ball in there, let’s say you want to search for everyone that hasn’t been here in 6 months AND their first name is “Chris”. Since we already have the 6 months filter lined up, all we need to do is add the name Chris to the filter as well. To do this we will click the “AND” button because we want our results to meet BOTH of these filters. Once you’ve clicked AND you’ll notice our filter now has an AND in it. Now we just add the name filter by clicking on the top drop down box that currently reads “Card ID”. Change this to FirstName, we can leave the next box to “Like” and in the last box we need to type in Chris then click the ADD button directly below.

  • Show customers who haven’t been here for 6 months

  • AND (First Name Like ‘chris’)

Your Filter box should read as shown above. Once this is complete,  scroll down below and notice the “Search” button. This button will apply the filter to your database and display the results below.

Search Results

It will display a History Link that will allow you to click and see all their race history, a Credits link which will show you all the Race Points they were given and used at your facility, as well as a Checks link which you can search all the checks with their name on them. These three links will always be there. Next to these links will be the outputs that you’ve chosen in the first step. You can scroll through the reports and peruse them, or you can Export the results to an Excel worksheet for data crunching and analysis of your own device.

Either way, once you are done checking out your results you can click on Send E-mail.

Sending Emails

This brings us to the E-mail Marketing Campaign function of Club Speed. Here you will see the E-mail Name box which is simply a name you will give your campaign that only you will see. The template drop down box which you won’t have any templates made until you make one. And the Send “3242 e-mails of 323443” button at the bottom. Obviously the numbering will differ from location to location, but this is the button that will send your e-mails out to your customers.

Click here to learn more about Email Templates!

View Past Mail Campaigns

// Click on the  button

// You'll be able to see how many emails were sent, and if there was an error while sending.